Nova Vita Clinic с Сертификатом качества предлагает самые выгодные цены.

Финская клиника с высоким уровенем лечения бесплодия.

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Nova Vita's sister company, fertility clinic Ovumia, serves their customers in Helsinki, Tampere and Jyväskylä, Finland. We give fertility treatment to over 4000 clients in our clinics annually. Already over 12 000 babies have been born to our clients!

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На лечение бесплодия можно записаться:
Позвонив по номеру +372 605 96 09, Вы сможете быстро получить дополнительную информацию и записаться на прием к врачу, а также зарегистрироваться на анализ спермы.

Запись на прием осуществляется в рабочие дни Пн- Чт 8.30 по 16.00, Пт 8.30 по 15.00. Информация предоставляется и на русском языке. С нами также можно связаться по адресу электронной почты:

Nova Vita & Ovumia nurses’ meeting about international fertility treatments

Nova Vitas’s nurses Tiina, Merike and Niina visited Ovumia Tampere on 24.2.2017. They discussed and shared learnings in a joint training program.The topics of the meeting included e.g. the process of international customers, egg donor treatments and patient — nurse communication.

Nova Vita’s Tiina Lille D discusses about fertilility lab’s current trends with Ovumia’s Laboratory Director Kirsi Kananen and fertility biologist Tiina Tissari.
Nova Vita’s Tiina Untera ja Ovumia’s Merja Ollila discussing about egg donor treatments.

Roadshow to Fertility Clinics in Sweden

Text by Candido Tomás

Nova Vita and Ovumia personnel had a great road trip to Sweden in September, 2016. We met several clinics and exchanged our experiences about the modern infertility treatments.

IVF-kliniken CuraÖresund, Malmo

Some of the doctors and midwives from the clinic remember following several patients that have received egg donation. They assure that those pregnancies are very healthy and that healthy babies have been born. They are happy to continue the collaboration with Ovumia and with Nova Vita by recommending their patients to contact us. The delegation from Ovumia and Nova Vita presented the excellent results from the Finnish Egg Bank, successfully operating in Tampere for the last two years.

Päivi Virta, the international coordinator of the egg donation program of Ovumia and Nova Vita and Candido Tomás, fertility doctor visited the clinic and presented the results of over 1900 egg donations performed in our clinic for over 20 years and more specifically from the last two years with the Finns Egg Bank program, that has brought many foreign patients, especially from Scandinavia, to our clinics

Nordic IVF Center, Göteborg

Doctors, Midwives and Embryologists from the private center in Göteborg took the time from their normal activities to show us the clinic and to listen to the results of the egg bank of Ovumia. We have presente both clinics from Ovumia in Tampere and Nova Vita from Estonia. The good clinical results and the simple, straightforward procedures from our clinics are the appealing motives to send their patients to receive egg donation. In Ovumia patients can have registered egg donors and in Nova Vita they can have anonymous donors.

Our staff also visited the IVF laboratory which also includes the embryoscopes, also in use in Ovumia. The embryologists are sure that the results are better due to the embryoscope and they can have all the embryos to transfer followed in the embryoscope. The good results are also confirmed by our own data. Ovumia is the only clinic in Finland that has the time lapse incubator Embryoscope.
The Clinic was a very positive, full of light installations which together with the friendliness of the staff made a very aggregable and useful visit from our staff.

Merike Seer presented the Nova Vita Clinic in Tallinn and welcomed the staff to visit the clinic and town. She offered the services of Nova Vita clinic to the Swedish patients that might need egg donation or full donation, which are not performed in Sweden.
Päivi Virta is the person to contact when international patients have questions concerning egg donation or other issues related with clinics of Ovumia and Nova Vita.
Candido Tomás presented the results from Ovumia , namely the egg donation program with The Finnish egg Bank, resulting in excellent clinical results and giving the possibility for couples to have egg donation treatment without queuing. Some of the staff in Ovumia speaks Swedish which also helps in the personalized contacts.

Here are some pictures from our road trip:




Finland’s Ovumia buys Nova Vita fertility clinic in Tallinn

The Finnish fertility treatment services company Ovumia OY has bought the Nova Vita clinic in the Estonian capital Tallinn, which is set to start offering the service of egg feezing and expand its offering to foreign patients under the new owner.

«We can clearly see that health care in Estonia is developing toward internationalization. This provides a good opportunity to raise the standard of lab services to an even higher level corresponding to the highest level globally and to provide people in Estonia with the best possible fertility treatment,» Ovumia Board Chairman Pekka Sillanaukee said in a press release.

Sillanaukee said that, among other things, the Estonian government’s plan to move on with the implementation of the directive on the free movement of patients encouraged them to make the acquisition. «This is a positive and right trend, aiming to guide the patient to where there is readiness and the ability to serve them immediately.»

«Our employees will remain the same despite the sale of the company. In collaboration with experienced specialists from Ovumia we will be able to expand our base of know-how and services,» Nova Vita CEO Merike Seer said.

She added that collaboration with Ovumia OY will increase the number of jobs at the Nova Vita clinic. Nova Vita continues to work closely with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and hopes to provide services to Estonian patients also in the future.

Ovumia is planning to expand the offering of procedures and diagnostic methods in Estonia. The possibility to freeze human eggs is to be offered already before the end of 2015.

Besides the new owner is planning to boost the numbers of fertility treatment patients coming to the Nova Vita clinic from Finland, Scandinavia and Central Europe.»

The original article was published in The Baltic Course.